Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Trade and economic relations

Trade and investment


Exports: in 2009 exports from the Republic of Moldova to the United Kingdom amounted to 60,31 mil. USD, showing an increase against the previous year of 15,4 %. According to the data, UK is the 7th importer of Moldovan goods with a share of 4,7 % of the total Moldovan exports.


Import: in 2009 imports from the United Kingdom totaled 50,53 mil. USD. UK ranks 15 among trading partners of the Republic of Moldova on imports.


British investments in the Republic of Moldova


According to the National Statistics Bureau, as at October 2009, there were 108 joint-stock companies with British social capital operating in Moldova, totaling 2021,82 mil. million Moldovan lei.


Technical assistance


UK Assistance to the Republic of Moldova has been offered since 1991 via the Department for International Development (DFID). The overall DFID’s bilateral aid to Moldova offered in the period 1991-2009 totaled £ 20 million. In 2000, DFID opened its permanent representation in Moldova. Until 2004, major beneficiaries of the UK assistance were agricultural, banking and social sectors.


Under the Regional Assistance Plan for 2004-2007, projects have been developed in the following three core areas:


  • improving governance and institutional environment for poverty reduction;
  • promoting pro-poor sustainable growth;
  • strengthening the UK’s contribution to conflict resolution and peace building.


UK funds bilateral projects in a number of areas, such as strengthening of NGOs, Moldovan journalism training, police reform training programme, and others.


Through the joint FCO/MoD/DfID Global Conflict Prevention Pool, it is being developed a three-year Peace Building Framework project focussing on poverty alleviation through conflict resolution, mass-media training and people-to-people projects.


Assistance has been rendered to the to the Moldovan Government (line-ministries) on EU law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ministry of Reintegration, Customs Authorities and others.


After 18 years of activity Moldova, DFID has taken the decision about graduation from Moldova in March 2011 given the fact that Moldova was designated by the OECD in January 2009 as a (Lower) Middle Income Country.


By the time of graduation, overall DFID assistance will amount to 30 mln pounds.