Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland





Passport renewal applications are submitted only in person, as a photo, digital finger prints will be taken. Please note that you are required to schedule an appointment, which can be done by mail or telephone call.


Once you have made an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with your reference number, and the Required Documents Passport (Adults):


  • Valid Moldovan ID card (buletin de identitate). If it is expired or lost, then an additional application for Moldovan ID is mandatory to be submitted.
    Attention: Moldovan ID requirments is not mandatory for the Moldovan citizens, holders of the passport with an authorised emigration (holders of a Moldovan passport with a rectangular stamp on 5th or 6th page with mention: Marea Britanie, Irlanda, Cehia, etc.).
  • Moldovan Vital Records Cerificates*, where applicable: (*submision is only mandatory if marital status or personal information have changed and / or if new certificates / duplicates of vital records have been issued after the last issue of the identity card / passport).
    a.birth certificate;
    b.marriage certificate;
    c.divorce certificate;
    d.firs/last name change;
    e.death certificate of the husband/wife;
    f.extract from the marriage act;
    g.notice on the annulment, rectification and / or completion of the civil vital record;


Passport for minors:


  • Moldovan ID card (only in case of 16 years applicants);
  • birth certificate of the minor;
  • Moldovan ID or Passport of the parent(s), guardians;
  • Moldovan marriage certificate of the parents;
  • Divorce certificate of the parents, if they are divorced. In this situation, the court decision on the dissolution of the marriage will also be submitted. If the request for the passport is submitted by the parent who was not entrusted with by judicial court decision, an authenticated consent of the other parent should be submitted. The consent can be done personally at the Embassy or submitting a notary declaration. If the declaration is made at a foreign notary, then it should be apostilled, translated into Romanian (translations made abroad should be apostilled as well).


Consular fees


For bank transfers made from the UK:


Account Name:Embassy of the Republic of Moldova
Sort Code:30-65-41
Account number:35145860


For international bank payments:


Account name:Embassy of the Republic of Moldova


Type of actionPeriod of document production by IP Agentia Servicii PubliceConsular fee and related fee, GBPFee for IP Agentia Servicii PubliceTotal cost of the service, BGPRelated fee for the home delivery service
1.0 Passport issuance  30 days45  35808
15 days43888
5 days611068
1.1 Passport issuance for children under 12 years  30 days4427718
15 days4733808
5 days4647938