Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Notarial acts

The Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland performs notarial acts (power of attorney, declaration, certification of signature, certification of photocopies etc.) on the request of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and foreign citizens. For notarial acts, the signer must personally present the following documents:

  • Valid national passport or ID card;
  • Copy of a valid passport or ID card of the person in whose name the act is done (in case of performing a power of attorney).

Powers of attorney or declarations shall be signed personally by the applicant at the Embassy in the presence of the consul. Authentication of powers of attorney or declarations by mail, fax or email is not permitted by law.

The consular fee is to be paid by bank transfer.

For payments made in the UK, the following bank details shall be used:

Account Name:Embassy of the Republic of Moldova
Sort Code:30-65-41
Account number:35145860


Type of actionPeriod of document production by IP Agentia Servicii PubliceTotal cost of the service, GBPTotal cost of the service plus additional costs for delivery, GBP
V. Notarial acts   
1. Power of attorney authentication:                 
a) on behalf of the individual 27
b) on behalf of the legal entity 54
2. Authentication of a will 27
3. Authentication of the contract, except the contract of alienation of immovable property and the contract of pledge 95
4. Legalization of signatures on documents (declaration) 9
5. Legalization of copies of documents and extracts from them 2 (per page)
6. Legalization of translation of documents and extracts from them 14 (per page)
7. Certification of facts in the cases provided by law:     
a) certifying that the person is alive, that the person stays in a certain place 18
b) certifying the identity of the person depicted in the photo 9
c) certifying the time (date) of the presentation of the document 14
8. Issuance of duplicates of notary acts issued up by the diplomatic mission 9
9. Providing evidence 45
10. Other notary acts 45