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Employers Association of the Tourism Industry of the Republic of Moldova visit in London

Published on: Thu, 30/01/2020 - 20:53

The delegation of the Republic of Moldova led by Mr. Sergiu Manea, President of the Employers Association of the Tourism Industry (APIT), paid a visit in London to establish direct contacts and launch cooperation with the European Tourism Association (ETOA). The delegation included Mr. Denis Șova, General Director of the Business and Tourism Center "Cricova-Vin" and Mr. Alexandru Juraveli, Vice-president of the Tourism Promotion Center.

During the discussions at the ETOA the Moldovan side emphasized the importance of promoting our country as an attractive tourist destination, and in this respect made a presentation of the tourism sector in the Republic of Moldova, in particular of wine tourism, ecotourism, leisure tourism, health, religious and cultural tourism.

At the same time, the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in London Angela Ponomariov referred to the advantages of the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination, by mentioning also the liberalized visa regime with EU countries, and as well as the existence of several direct flights, including, between Chisinau and London.

The Director of the ETOA, Tom Jenkins, welcomed the interest of APIT Moldova to join an extended family of internationally recognized professionals in the tourism industry, and expressed the availability of the Association to extend its cooperation with representatives from the Republic of Moldova.

The parties had an exchange of views on the future concept of collaboration and promotion of the tourism potential and the image of the Republic of Moldova, and as well convened to sign a Memorandum in this respect.

The European Tour Operators Association is a specialized organization in European tourism, which brings together over 1200 members. The ETOA offers representation at European level, carrying out various campaigns with the aim of promoting European tourism.