Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Consular fees and additional fees

The consular fee is to be paid by bank transfer.



For payments made in the UK, the following bank details shall be used:


Account Name:Embassy of the Republic of Moldova
Sort Code:30-65-41
Account number:35145860


Type of actionPeriod of document production by IP Agentia Servicii PubliceTotal cost of the service, GBPTotal cost of the service plus additional costs for delivery, GBP
I. Visas   
1. Type A – airport transit visa 18     
2. Type B – transit visa 36
3. Type C – short stay visa 36
4. Type D – long-stay visa 36
II. Passports and Moldovan IDs  
1.0 Passport issuance  30 days8290
15 days92100
5 days110118
1.1 Passport issuance for children under 12 years  30 days7381
15 days8290
5 days96104
2 Moldovan ID (for cases when it is expired)  30 days4149
15 days4553
5 days5563
2.1 Moldovan ID (for cases when it is lost)  30 days4149
15 days5058
5 days6472
2.2 Temporary Moldovan ID244048
3 Permanent residency abroad (authorized emigration)  90 days153 
60 days184 
30 days218 
4. Emergency Travel Document 23 
4.1 Emergency Travel Document for children up to 18 years free 
III. Citizenship Consular actions   
1. Examination of the application forobtainingthe citizenship of the Republic of Moldova 18      
2. Examination of the application forrenunciationfrom the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova 288
3. Examination of the application forregaining the Moldovan citizenship 14
4. Issuing the certificate on renunciation from the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova 45
5. Issuing the certificate on obtaining / regaining the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova 9
6. Issuing the certificate on citizenship 45
IV. Civil status certificates   
1. Marriage registration 63    
2. Divorce registration, upon the joint consent of spouses who do not have minor children in common or children adopted by both spouses, in cases where there are no litigations between them regarding goods partition or spousal maintenance 243
3. Divorce registration, upon the request on divorce of one of the spouses and court decision (judgment), if the other spouse is declared incapable, missing, sentenced to imprisonment for a term exceeding three years 63
4. Divorce registrationunder a court decision on divorce 153
5. Transcription of an act of civil status act (deed) 2331
6. Change of name and/or surnameand/or patronymic 27 
V. Notarial acts   
1. Power of attorney authentication:                  
a) on behalf of the individual27
b) on behalf of the legal entity54
2. Authentication of a will 27
3. Authentication of the contract, except the contract of alienation of immovable property and the contract of pledge 95
4. Legalization of signatures on documents (declaration) 9
5. Legalization of copies of documents and extracts from them 2 (per page)
6. Legalization of translation of documents and extracts from them 14 (per page)
7. Certification of facts in the cases provided by law:
a) certifying that the person is alive, that the person stays in a certain place
 b) certifying the identity of the person depicted in the photo 9
 c) certifying the time (date) of the presentation of the document 14
8. Issuance of duplicates of notary acts issued up by the diplomatic mission 9
9. Providing evidence 45
10. Other notary acts 45
VI. Consular legalization   
Consular legalization of a document issued by the authorities of a foreign state or with their participation, for use in the Republic of Moldova       
a) for individuals32
b) for legal entities59
VII. Other consular actions   
1. Request of an act (on civil status, notarial act, criminal record, etc.) or information from the Republic of Moldova 3240
2. Issuance of another document or certificate, performing other consular actions than those mentioned in previous chapters, but which are required under the law of the foreign state and do not contradict Moldovan legislation or agreements to which both countries are party (driving license) 32